Strokes and heart attacks are the most common causes of death in developed countries...

...let´s change it together!

Every second a person (15 million people every year) dies of a stroke or a heart attack. Modern medicine can prevent many deaths and alleviate complications. However, many of these treatments rely on a patient receiving medical attention as soon as possible. We can all help to make sure that happens as often as possible.

That’s why we have, working with leading cerebrovascular, cardiovascular and educational experts, built the HOBIT program. Using innovative methods, such as simulation scenes, HOBIT will help the public learn how to act in real situations.

The HOBIT Program is managed by the Cerebrovascular Team of the International Clinical Research Centerof St. Anne's University Hospital Brno (FNUSA-ICRC).


.....10000 children trained

More than 30 events and educational activities organized

114 schools across The Czech Republic involved

17 partners and cooperating institutions of various focus across the world

25 Ambassadors of The HOBIT Program

  550 U3A students within the HOBIT+ project trained

How the time goes with the HOBIT Program

    There have been many educational stroke campaigns1 targeted at adults, which have proven to be almost ineffective. Because of this, experts from across The Czech Republic and throughout the world have advocated educating children in schools about these diseases. This provides the only systematic way of delivering this vital information. It was an impulse for us to focus on educating children. But first we had to find out how much they knew.

    We conducted a survey2 concentrating on stroke and heart attacks. The results showed that school children had almost no knowledge of these serious illnesses. We decided to create a program that can be widely used (e-learning) to teach as many children as possible how to save a life.

  3. PROJECT HOBIT STARTS (2013 - 2015)
    HOBIT received a grant for the pilot phase. 47 schools from South Moravia and Ustecky regions were involved during the pilot, and we educated 3500 children.

  4. THE HOBIT PROGRAM 2.0 (2017)
    Based on the data obtained during the pilot phase, we upgraded HOBIT and introduced new components. HOBIT has been available, free, to all schools in The Czech Republic, since February 2017.

    Since October 2017 students of U3A and the general public can join the modified version of HOBIT (HOBIT+ for seniors and the Public HOBIT). The HOBIT+ project was supported by a grant from The City of Brno twice.