FAST run

FAST run is an experience sport event for primary school pupils and high school students that examines not only the speed but also the knowledge about stroke and heart attack. The race runs from 2016 and takes place in the 2nd half of May (around the Stroke Day 15/5) in the Lužánky park in Brno. Competitors on the track perform tasks related to the response to the brain and heart attack and test whether they can manage to save human life. And why "FAST run"? The name is derived from the mnemonic aid for recognizing the symptoms of stroke and is based on the words Face, Arm, Speech, Time. At the same time you have to be quick (fast) - the ideal name for the race. :)

The event is organized in cooperation with the Medical Emergency Service of Souht Moravien region, the Fire Brigade of Brno, the Cardiovision 2030 program and the Lužánky Center.


FASTbeh obrazek




Next event is coming in May 2018.