Prevention days

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In cooperation with neurological experts and our ambassadors, we regularly organize prevention days twice a year. To fight the cerebral stroke, we set out with an accurate symbol that we created - a smiley on a yellow background that has a dropped one mouthcorner, most common symptom of stroke. The purpose of these events is to educate the general public about stroke - especially about their symptoms and the right response to them. During these events we have prepared information materials on the stands and we also measure blood pressure (the most serious risk factor for stroke). The program is enriched with a lecture by an expert sometimes.



World Stroke Day

The October 29th is annually announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Stroke Organization (WSO) as a day that reminds us that the risks of this disease concern each of us. Organizations around the world aim to raise awareness of the disease, its causes and possible prevention. The ways to raise awareness about stroke are different across continents. E.g. The American Stroke Association introduces songs about F.A.S.T. to the public (especially for lovers of Hip Hop, Pop, R & B or Latin).

This year's top global theme of the World Stroke Organization is "Reason for stroke prevention." This organization changes its theme every year and always points to other issues associated with stroke. In recent years, we have been able to hear about the I am Woman campaign, which indicate the fact according to statistics, that more women than men die from stroke. One of the topics in the past years was "1 in 6", which shows that currently, one from six persons suffer a stroke during lifetime.

You can read more about our involvement at the World Stroke Organization website:



Day of Fight Against Stroke

This day falls on May 15th and, just like in the case of the World Stroke Day, we regularly organize  an awareness event to raise public awareness of this disease.