The HOBIT program:

One Class of Biology for Saving Life

(alternative translation from the Czech acronym HOur of BIology may assisT)


HOBIT is an innovative educational project intended for primary and high school pupils. Object of the project is to provide pupils with simple information to help them save lives if they see someone having a stroke or heart attack. Using multi-media and simulation based education, pupils will learn how to react to the symptoms of a brain or heart attack so they are able to save the life of the person affected.

 How does the program work?


Scheme of educational lesson


Education is carried out in a single one hour lesson. Pupils watch a educational film explaining the nature of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases. Pupils knowledge is tested by a simulation test carried out before and after they watch the film. The program focusses on the importance of recognition of symptoms and speed of action. Since Febuary 2017 there has been an improved version of the module available free for all schools in the Czech Republic.



The HOBIT platform has already been used in 114 schools to educate over 10,000 pupils in the Czech Republic



OThe HOBIT educational program builds on the idea that only basic information is needed to save a life. During the training, pupils to the symptoms of the diseases and taught the correct responses, the treatments available and the potential risk factors. The lesson is intended to be innovative and fun. It is also simple and user friendly.



I´d like to thank you for the opportunity to run the educational lesson with my students. It is certainly beneficial and I´m going to repeat it in June.

P. Honcová, primary school in Liberec



  • To teach children how to save a life when a stroke or a heart attack occurs

  • To increase awareness about stroke and heart attack amongst the general public

  • To increase usage of HOBIT, a validated educational platform, throughout The Czech Republic and the rest of the world


Pilot Research

Between 2014 and 2015, 47 schools in the South Moravian and Ustecky regions of The Czech Republic took part in the pilot phase of HOBIT. After the data was analysed, the educational platform was modified and a new, improved, version was introduced in February 2017. HOBIT is now available to to all schools in The czech Republic, completely free.

The HOBIT is a synergic project of the International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne's University Hospital Brno (FNUSA-ICRC). More information here: